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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  August 15, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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been politically motivated. it all unfolded on g street nw. jennifer donelan is live with where the investigation stands. >> we were out here this minute -- just minutes after the shooting and folded. sources were telling us there were statements made during the shooting and evidence that led them to immediately call in the fbi. the fbi is still inside the building. we now know more about to be accused shooter and what he allegedly carried into the building. multiple sources confirmed 28- year-old from virginia was escorted away in handcuffs accused of walking into the family research council and shooting a security guard. abc 7 cameras were there as he was rushed to the hospital. although wounded in the arm he was able to stop him from
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hurting anyone else. >> i would say the security guard is a hero. he did not allow the armed person passed the counter. he did his job. >> sources confirm he carried a bag with extra ammo and chick- fil-a sandwiches. chick-fil-a made headlines after its president publicly denounced same-sex marriage. the family research council promotes marriage as only between a man and a woman. sources say he said it is not about you, it is about the policy before he shot the security guard. >> in the times we are living in now, things like this are kind of expected. >> sources say agents and detectives found his car at the east falls church metro station, search did and towed it away as part of the investigation. back here live we understand we
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will be holding the scene for quite a while. this section of g street shut down for the duration. there was a bomb threat but they were able to clear that. here is what we know, multiple sources confirmed the fbi is searching his home in virginia. they have confirmed the gun used during the shooting was a 9 millimeter. >> thank you. the family research council has not been a stranger to controversy. it is labeled a hate group by the southern poverty law center because of its stance against homosexuality. the council has received donations from chick-fil-a, they boasted support for the chain after the president openly opposed same-sex marriage. paul ryan is scheduled to speak at the voters values summit next month. >> we are on storm watch tonight with a risk of severe storms
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that were run into the evening. >> this comes after an afternoon that brought rain, thunder, lightning, and even a waterspout. doug hill with what to expect as the sun starts to set. but the think we will see skies clear right now. 79 degrees in arlington. let's get you up-to-date on my super doppler seven radar. still some showers and storms east of annapolis. lingering showers south of culpeper. all the heavy duty action to the west and south of the region. skies will clear. here is a sneak peek at thursday whether. more for you in a few minutes. >> the showdown over gambling in maryland heads to the voters. martin o'malley put a plan to expand gambling and build a new casino on the november ballot.
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the likely site would be national harbor. horace holmes is live. >> supporters say it would mean new jobs and lots of revenue for the state. whether or not this happens is in the hands of the voters. >> this morning martin o'malley signed the new gaming bill and declared -- >> all of us know very well how decisive -- device of this issue has been in the past. >> the initiative would add a sixth casino at the national harbor now becomes a ballot issue for voters to decide on in the fall. >> i am opposed to it because i do not think it is going to do what they say it really is going to do. >> there are others like candy walk into like the bill because it would bring gaming tables here and new revenue. >> it is real exciting.
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>> gambling is not the only hot button issue voters will have to on. the statewide gay marriage law and the maryland a dream act that would allow education benefits for undocumented immigrants raised in maryland. >> i do not think kids should be punished. >> they now hope residents will turn out and vote. >> there is a lot of competing interest out there that want you to do things their way including me. it is really up to you to do your own research and find out what the facts are. >> voters are expected to turn out in large numbers in november especially since it is a presidential election year. >> thousands of employees will be repaid for furloughs that turned out to be unnecessary.
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they took unpaid leave during the last fiscal year when it seemed it would be a budget gap. there were left with a surplus instead. repayments will be added to the next paychecks of those eligible workers. the postal service is thinking of cutting rates for one of the nation's top direct marketing companies. that would mean adds that normally ship with sunday newspapers could show up in the mailboxes. throughout the week this would take -- this would take place throughout the week rather than on sunday. that could generate $15 million over three years for the post office. >> howsome call it a public service but a website that tracks orders in the district was run by a husband and wife.
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what it could mean for homicide watch. [ male announcer ] do you support work for welfare? barack obama has a long history of opposing wk for welfare. "i was not a wild, huge supporter of the federal plan that was signed in 1996." [ male announcer ] on july 12th obama quietly ended work requirements for welfare. you wouldn't have to work and wouldn't have to train for a job. mitt romney strongly believ work must be part of welfare.
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the romney plan for a stronger middle class: it'll put work back in welfare. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
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>> jessica nguyen was killed in her home last year. today a jury found david hang guilty of murder. cell phone records place them
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around the house of the time she was killed. he was angry over a drawn out divorce with her mother. 40 dead years a couple has painstakingly tracked every development and homicide in the district of columbia and posted it online. >> now the couple is leaving the area and leaving and that -- and uncertain future for people who follow it will miss the public service. >> when they moved from -- moved to d.c. three years ago, she wanted more. >> their answer, went on line. a web programmer for national public radio build the site. >> we have about 150 cases in our database. >> stories on victims and suspects up available to all.
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now they are moving to boston. bad news today for families like that of homicide victim amber kent allegedly killed by her best friend on pcp. >> i read other people's comments. for me it is like she is not forgotten. there are other victims that are not forgotten. >> it has become a source for police or defense attorneys. >> the information there is usually pretty accurate. >> she is talking to a lot of people that somebody else is not getting too. >> their offices wherever they sit down with a laptop. today they launched a $40,000 fund-raising campaign for stipends or in terms to keep some of the side going. >> there are so many families in d.c. who need a place to feel like their loved ones are
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remembered. >> next on abc 7 news, young illegal immigrants lined up around the nation for a chance for a temporary amnesty. what it will do for millions of people. >> storm watch and what you need to know about the latest round of rain and thunderstorms. >> the nationals are chasing the pennant. [ obama ] i'm barack obama and i approve this message. i think mitt romney's really o of touch with the average w woman's health issues... this is not the 1950s. contraception is so important to women... it's aut a woman being able to make decisions... i don't remember anyone as extme as romney... i'll cut off funding
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to planned parenthood. i don't think mitt romney can even understand the mindset of someone who has to go to planned parenthood. planned parenthood. we're going to get rid of that. i think romney would definitely drag us back...
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>> today is the first day people run the country brought here illegally as children get a chance to defer deportation 40 dead years as part of the dream act. these young people will have a chance to attend state colleges at an in-state tuition rate. that will be invaluable in pursuing their life dreams and supporting their families. what's not to go to the campaign
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trail where paul ryan is about to speak at the university of miami ohio. at virginia tech joe biden said romney's pick of ryan and makes his economic plan perfectly clear. president obama took a step further as they campaigned in iowa. >> i think another plan is not very popular. they are being pretty dishonest about my plan. >> mitt romney said this morning on cbs that the president's attacks on him and his campaign are beneath the president's office. >> tonight millions of americans have one thing on their minds to match all of the numbers and power ball. the $320 million jackpot is the fourth highest in the multistate game's history. the cash option is the biggest ever.
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virginia lottery officials estimate tickets will be selling at a rate of 2000 per minute during peak hours. you can buy the tickets until 10:00 tonight. watch the drawing for the winning numbers tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00. >> if i when i am giving have to doug hill. >> you did not buy tickets, that is why you are saying that. we are going to look at -- what did we look at? that was the rooftop. we will watch that looking across the island into the city. no rain in the city. some breaks in the overcast. 69 degrees in harrisonburg. they had half an inch of rain. most of the rain has been south and east.
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76 -- 71 in madison and 77 on the boardwalk. showers across the bay bridge. these are heavy ones moving across kent island. a little farther south and west of washington in greene county, that is the last batch of heavy showers. all because skies are clearing behind the front. the front is along the coast. the disturbance came in behind it. dry air will be moving in. high pressure will move in. a beautiful day here tomorrow. 86 on the ford board for the high. the average is 87 and 70. 77 in gaithersburg. 80 degrees right now and lexington park. the northeast is cool. when high pressure moves and
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then pushes the front out of here, we will get a taste of cooler weather. 90s to the west. we will get a taste of 90 degree weather on friday. a big change as much cooler air arrives in time for the weekend. high-pressure tonight and clear skies. a northerly breeze tomorrow. low humidity and sunshine. this cold front approaches and the winds turned to the south and southwest. as we get the late afternoon and evening, a pretty good will see thunderstorms with a cold front. some could linger into saturday morning. cooler weather for saturday and sunday. it looks nice. here is the deal for tomorrow. sunshine in the morning and midday. highs in the 90's with lower humidity. if a good chance of showers and storms early saturday. partly sunny and cooler. low 80's for the weekend. it will be slightly warmer for the few -- first few days next week.
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>> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. moving you forward. >> the national's have taken their act out west. >> they have won seven of their nine games on the road trip. the nationals applying the giants' right now on the west coast. let's go out to at&t parkin pick it up in the top of the third. danny espinoza dials long distance. that is a big boy home run. the deepest part of the ballpark. four-to national's lead. right now it is 6-2 nationals in the seventh inning. a perfect game against the tampa bay raise. 27 up and 27 down. they beat the rays 1-0. the first perfect game in the mariners' history. maryland's starting quarterback c.j. brown has torn his a see l.
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he will miss the entire season. this is a massive blow to the football program since diet -- danny o'brien left. he started five games last year when he took over for danny o'brien. he rushed for five touchdowns and 574 yards last year. he injured his knee at practice last night running a sweep. the knee just gave away. when i spoke with the head coach he tell me how much brown means to the team. >> c.j. is a young man who is tremendously respected. he is a guy that earns the respect because of the way he works and the way he prepares. the way that he handles himself. >> the redskins were back on the field today and the running back is still not able to play because of a sore achilles tendon. i am told he will miss
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saturday's's game against the bears. >> it looks like we will see a lot more of number 92 on defense. it is chris baker, and all purpose -- >> he has bounced around the past three years. he was a practice squad player. but he is constantly showing improvement. baker moved up the depth chart after chris neil suffered a torn a see l. >> it is a big opportunity for me to step up and be the player i know i can be. i hate to see chris code on the way it happened. -- chris go down the way it happened. >> if somebody goes down, somebody else can pick the right back up. i am sure he will play just as good as barry. >> if you have any reservations
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about a number 92, this one is as loose as they come. >> i just try to stay loose and dance and crack a little joke here and there. >> the redskins did not play the dallas cowboys until november but they found out today that jason wooden has a lacerated spleen. -- jason witten as a lacerated spleen. he could be back by the second game of the season.
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>> skies will be clearing shortly. a nice day tomorrow. a beautiful weekend.
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